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Welcome to Alexandria, the RPGClassics Game Database! As if 140+ game shrines wasn't enough, we hope to provide useful information about EVERY RPG EVER MADE, in the form of other people's FAQs and guides that they graciously allow us to use. In addition, we hope to go far beyond what traditional FAQ databases provide, by going out and finding out other game information that isn't covered in FAQs ourselves, so you don't have to. Our database currently contains close to 3000 FAQs, and we are confident that over time, that number will increase exponentially. That is all.

-Merlin and Mazrim Taim


7/19/03 - We stopped taking applications for Alexandria and compiled a preliminary list of "hires." Hopefully within the next few days we can get them all plugged into the system and real work can begin in earnest! I also added a page banner Esedess, a prospective DB worker, submitted to replace Maz' old temporary one.

7/3/03 - We began our first "hiring" phase for our future DB workers. Hopefully it will go well.

7/2/03 - Alexandria is finally built despite server problems and whatnot a week or two previously. Alexandria announced, database links changed to point to here, and hiring will begin today.

6/21-22/03 - In anticipation of a major restructuring of how the Database will be run, Merlin went through and fixed up and updated the shtml pages as part of this project. Cidolfas also has been working diligently on php-related changes. More changes coming imminently!

1/1/03 - Database completed, approximately 3000 FAQs added to the database.

(c)2006 All materials are copyrighted by their respective authors. All games mentioned in this site are copyrighted by their respective producers and publishers. No infringement on any existing copyright is intended. All rights reserved.