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So you wanna be a hero...

Or, barring that, you at least want to write a FAQ. That's great. However, there are certain very lax guidelines you have to follow.

First, remember that RPGClassics is primarily visited by young people - I can't see WHY you'd have explicit language or content in your FAQ, but...keep it out. Thanks.

Second, remember that an FAQ of any sort, be it a walkthrough, a guide to beating the bosses, or even just an explanation of the game's story, must contain solid, reliable game information. That means, no sending in fanfics, no sending in joke FAQs, etc. There are places for those things (send fanfics to Weiila for instance!), but they're not in the RPGC DB.

Third, only send FAQs for games that are already in the database. If you have a game that you think should be in the DB, but isn't, tell us and we'll add it. You might as well send your FAQ then as well, I guess, heh. But...

Fourth, when you send your email, send it to Somewhere in the heading, write "FAQ submission," so we won't delete it, thinking it's spam. Then, attach your FAQ as a .txt or a .gif file to the email. In the body of the email, give the name you want to appear in the database, your email address, the name of the game your FAQ is for, and what your FAQ covers. That is, whether it's a Walkthrough, a Boss Guide, an "Uberpower Guide" or whatever you're calling them now. Just the title you want your FAQ to have in the database.

Fifth, you do not talk about the database...erm, I mean, yeah. That's it. If you have any questions that aren't answered here, feel free to send them to, but like before, give them a meaningful title or we'll delete them in a fit of spam-induced fury.