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Willow (NES)

Developer LucasArts
North America Japan PAL
Publisher Capcom Capcom Capcom
Year 1988 1989 1991

FAQs and FAQ-Like Information

RPGClassics Willow Shrine

Quality games based on movies are a rare occurance, but they do exist. Capcom's NES RPG Willow is one such example. Many parts of the movie's storyline are lost (understably so, as there's only so much that can be done with a NES game), but the basic premise is the same: You control Willow, the chosen one who must restore human form to the benevolent sorceress Fin Raziel and destroy the evil sorceress, Bavmorda, before she takes over the world. At its core, Willow is a solid action-RPG. There are different swords, shields, magic spells and items that Willow can find throughout his travels, as to be expected with any decent RPG. As Willow gains experience, he will be able to swing his various swords faster (a feature that, to my knowledge, has never been reproduced in another game), as well as the usual increase in stats that come with leveling up. Fans of the movie and RPG fans should both enjoy this forgotten Capcom classic.