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Those to be thanked...

Mazrim's Thanks...
     Merlin, for constant poking and prodding, as well as going in and changing all the game folder names so they looked professional. Without you, the DB wouldn't even have been finished by the Millenial Fair, 2004!
     Kagon, for also constant poking and prodding. And cause you're just a cool guy in general.
     Mr. Saturn, because apparently you did some work on the database...somewhere. :P
     Tenchimaru Draconis, EZboarder, and PKT Paladin, who stepped in at the last minute to help, when all seemed lost.
     RoguePaladinTrian, for helping to create the original RPGC Database way back in the day.
     James Shaheen, wherever the hell you are now, for being the driving force behind the idea of a RPG database for much of its existence, as well as for training me in the art of FAQ collection. You really weren't such a bad guy as everyone thinks.
     The RPGClassics staff and community, for being so supportive of everything we've done here.
     And, most importantly, the FAQ writers - for, without your selfless desire to help floundering gamers, there wouldn't have BEEN a database.

Merlin's Thanks...
Mazrim covered most people but I have a few others I need to thank too.
     Cidolfas, for without him there wouldn't likely be a Database either, or at least an extremely sloppy and ill-managed one. Your PHP help around here will never get enough credit, thanks for all the work and for listening to all my "suggestions" that usually resulted in you doing more work than expected :P
     Ackbar, who helped out Mazrim a lot (without being a staffer at the time too!) when the inital-DB work was beginning to flag. Even though you're not around a whole lot, thanks little squidy.
     Tenchimaru Draconis, Epicgamer, Walhalla, and ClothHat, for volunteering to be the first Squadron Leaders for the new Database-administration I've been organizing.
     Mazrim, for finally taking it upon himself to just go out and _do_ the DB while most of the rest of us had only been talking about doing it, often poking fun at Mazrim for not doing much work in the past at the same time. And also thanks for just always being one of my better friends around here, especially since I suspect that some of your desire to do the DB stemmed not just from the work but to maybe do something for me too. He also threw together our old crappy first DB Banner, which is at the top of this page. Thanks for everything man.
     As Maz said, the RPGC Staff and Community, for making me laugh daily and making everything around here worth the hours spent.
     Esedess, for providing our cool current Database banner. I hope he'll get more opportunities to do art for us too!
     The present and future DB workers, who will be doing a lot of the actual nuts-and-bolts work for us. I'm so surprised that the plan Maz and I first talked 85%-jokingly about is more or less coming to fruition.
     The Rolling Stones, who kept me rocking while I built Alexandria.

And Viewers Like You.

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