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Wasteland (PC)

Developer Interplay
North America Japan PAL
Publisher Electronic Arts
Year 1989

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FAQs and FAQ-Like Information

FAQ Name Author Version Size
The Pretty Good Wasteland GuidePer Jorner1.0K

Operating SystemUnavailableThis RPG takes place after WW3, in the post-apocalyptic desert of Nevada. You take a party of four Nevada desert rangers to investigate nearby settlements; this of course mushrooms into a full-scale adventure against a hidden enemy. Wasteland's graphics are minimal (aside from enemy portraits), and can be confusing at first due to being extremely open-ended. Your four rangers can be joined by up to three NPCs of your choice and equipped with various firearms and melee weapons. The story is kept moving through instruction book paragraphs that you are prompted to read at certain points, these also provide much needed atmosphere to the game, such as the point when you find the touching diary of a semi-literate mercenary. Wasteland also contains spears which disappear after being thrown and can be jammed like a firearm. Fans of the Fallout series should enjoy this spiritual prequel.
Min. CPU SpeedUnavailable
Rec. CPU SpeedUnavailable
Min. Hard DriveUnavailable
Min. RAMUnavailable