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Wonderswan (Color)

Langrisser Millennium: The Last Century (Wonderswan)

Developer Masaya/NCS Corp.
North America Japan PAL
Publisher NA Masaya/NCS Corp. NA
Year NA 1999 NA

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Langrisser is now playable on the bus, in the taxi, in the park: Anywhere where you might pack along your Wonderswan.

Langrisser Millennium: The Last Century is a remake of Lungrisser First for Bandai's Wonderswan - A handheld console much like Gameboy, just slightly more powerful. Just like the Gameboy, the Wonderswan limited to black and white: It remains a mystery why they didn't release it for Bandai's Wonderswan Colour.

As you might notice, the screenshots below are in Japanese. The reason for this is that the game has yet to be translated, and since the Wonderswan hasn't been released outside Japan, ported to, say, Gameboy. But don't fret; the game is so similar to the rest of the Langrisser series that, if you have played another game in the series, you should easily be able to figure out this one.

In Langrisser Millennium: The Last Century, just like the other games in the series, you have heroes: Commanders of armies and the protagonists of the game. For these fellows you buy units, and equipment, and then send them out into the fray on the battlefield: Where they'll use magic, summons, or just raw force - depending on what tactics you choose, and what decisions you make. That is, how you answered the opening question, what classes you turn them into. Or maybe they'll even die, should you make a mistake, or maybe just dislike them.

On the second image below can you see the battlefield: The board on which you decide the life and death of the heroes. As you can see, some areas are lighter than the others, those are called zones, and within those your heroes army ( units ) are given bonuses. And if your units are adjectent to him or her, that is your hero, they'll heal. All that, along with what has already mentioned, is a part of what you'll have to put into a successful tactic in this strategy rpg.

Now all you need to do in addition to that is learn Japanese, and build up a small fortune so you can import a Wonderswan and this game from Masaya/NCS Corp.