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Crazy Lou 64 (PC)

Developer DigiPen
North America Japan PAL
Publisher Self-Published N/A N/A
Year 2000 N/A N/A

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FAQs and FAQ-Like Information

FAQ Name Author Version Size
No FAQs are available for this game.

Operating SystemUnavailableIf you want to play something wacky, take a deep breath, brace yourself, and start up Crazy Lou 64. Developed by a group of students as a project at DigiPen, a video game college, Crazy Lou 64 is a simple, yet bizarre take on the RPG genre. An quasi-insane man, aptly named Crazy Lou, wakes up in a hospital bed. Not knowing where he is, or why he's there, he recruits the assistence of a nurse and a crippled boy, and sets out on his quest (although he's not quite sure what exactly his quest is). The graphics are so-so at best, with the exception of the character drawings and enemies, which generally look very nice, and the music is sometimes iffy. But the game's focus is on humor, and in this aspect, it rarely fails to deliver, as general wackiness is blended beautifully with parodies on everything from the sitcom Cheers to Microsoft (even its name is a spoof on Nintendo's rabid tendency to condlude the title of every Nintendo 64 game with the number 64). Unfortunately, this game if very difficult to find now, as it was never officially released, but there are a couple of places to download it on the internet. It's a game that's more than worth your trouble to locate, though.
Min. CPU SpeedUnavailable
Rec. CPU SpeedUnavailable
Min. Hard DriveUnavailable
Min. RAMUnavailable