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Rygar (NES)

(AKA Warrior of Algos)
Developer Tecmo
North America Japan PAL
Publisher Tecmo Tecmo
Year 1988 1986

FAQs and FAQ-Like Information

RPGClassics Rygar Shrine

Back in the 80s, direct arcade to home system conversions were ofen nearly impossible, due to the technological advantage arcade games had in those days. To work around this hurdle, game developers often turned toward creative measures in order to release quality home versions of arcade hits. Rygar is an example of this. While the arcade version merely had Rygar in a side-scrolling action game, the NES version was a full-blown action-RPG. There are two viewpoints, depending on the area Rygar is in, a side-scrolling viewpoint, and an overhead viewpoint. The world of Argool is not divided into levels, and Rygar must find items that give him abilities that allow him to access new lands. Along the way, Rygar can defeat enemies to gain experience points and grow more powerful, just like in most other RPGs. While a bit glitchy at times, Rygar has infectious music, and is a great way to spend a rainy afternoon. The main downside is the lack of a save feature or password, meaning the game must be beaten in a single sitting. However, this is an extremely doable task, and, with time, becomes merely an inconvenience, not an insurmountable hurdle.