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Der Langrisser (Super Nintendo)

Developer Masaya/NCS Corp.
North America Japan PAL
Publisher NA Masaya/NCS Corp. NA
Year NA 1995 NA

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FAQs and FAQ-Like Information

FAQ Name Author Version Size
- Zero's Der Langrisser Ultimate Stratgy Guide -zero07235.0K

Der Langrisser is a game made by Masaya/NCS Corp. And is the fifth installement in the Langrisser. The game has never been published in the western world and is for that reason only available in English through translation hacks. It's likely that we can blame the flop of Warsong (A remake of Lungisser First, and the only game in the series to be released in the western world) for this: No one has dared to give the series a second try.

The game is a strategy rpg. Those of you who have played the vastly more known Heroes of Might and Magic series will know what that is. Der Langrisser is pretty similar, though, it has a more consistent story.
You have heroes (Characters/Commanders) and units. Before battles (Scenarioes as they're called in the game) you can buy equipment and hire units for your heroes. They will level up through combat: Increase their skills, change classes, learn magic, and gain access to more and better troops. A classic strategy rpg in that respect.

Have fun learning the characters' backstories, fight the tactical battles, should you decide to play this fifth game in the Langrisser series.