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Great Greed (Game Boy)

(AKA Vitamina Oukoku Monogatari)
Developer Namco
North America Japan PAL
Publisher Namco Namco
Year 1993 1992

FAQs and FAQ-Like Information

RPGClassics Great Greed Shrine

What would happen if a food connoisseur and an environmentalist got together to make an RPG? It might end up something like Great Greed. Released way back in the hayday of Nintendo's original Game Boy, Great Greed contains an anti-pollution storyline that would make Captain Planet proud. And, for some strange reason, most of the characters, towns and enemies are named after foods. Despite all this, Great Greed ends up being a fantastic game. The graphics are about par for the course, nothing great, nothing terrible. The gameplay system is somewhat unique. Instead of choosing attacks from a menu, each button represents a command. For example, pressing "A" will attack, and pressing "start" will make you run from the battle. This makes the battles breeze by with minimal tedium, although it can be frustrating if you forget which spells you assigned to which buttons. Best of all, Great Greed never takes itself too seriously, and never gets preachy, despite the storyline. It ends up being a game with a sense of humor, and one of the best RPGs the original Game Boy had to offer.