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Digimon World 3 (PlayStation)

Developer Bandai
North America Japan PAL
Publisher Bandai Bandai Bandai
Year 2002 2002 2002

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FAQs and FAQ-Like Information

FAQ Name Author Version Size
Agumon FAQDark Goku1.1K
Card Battle FAQGreen 4351.1K
Card Battle FAQSaberstar841.0K
Digivolving FAQZero Saber1.4K
FAQ/WalkthroughDark Zero1.7K
FAQ/WalkthroughLee Kuan Hai1.3K
FAQ/WalkthroughEmerald Phoenix1.0K
FAQ/WalkthroughHafiz Rahman0.2K
FAQ/WalkthroughJulian W.1.0K
FAQ/WalkthroughRovest Yakuto1.0K
Guilmon FAQRandom1K
Item ListJozo Metak0.2K
Item ListMed Jai1.2K
Mobius Desert MapHafiz RahmanK
Monmon FAQMed Jai1.3K
PAL version FAQMykas00.3K
Renamon FAQAlan Quirino1.4K
Sidequests FAQJulian W.1.0K
Underground mapsLocke Esper Fire 3K
Veemon FAQMed Jai1.3K

In the new Digimon game, you enter an online Digimon game with your friends. Unfortunately, the game is hacked and you have to stay inside. You’re okay with this, because you can keep playing the game, for free. Graphically, everything outside the battles looks very detailed, but in a battle the graphics look terrible. The gameplay is fun. You just fight to level up your digimon, and after gaining some levels, you get access to new areas; after all it is an online game. You can buy or find stronger equipment for your digimon, so you can customize it. There is also a card game, which is actually quite original, so it also adds some replay.